with ambassador ChangYi.
With Ambassador NiJian and Counsellor ShouHL
With Mr.Hiwa ,the director of foreign afairs
With Mr. Peter Lam's Family
With Mr.Vincent and Evan
With Mr.Franco and Fillipo
with Mr.Micheal Exstein &MsLida Greenberg
with friends from UK
With two families
with Sdieq,the project manager in government
With Mr.Patrik Anderson
with Susan from US
With Mr.Christoph Stock Miss Carty and parent
With Mr.Henrik Morck from Sweden
With Mr Parick and Max's Swiss&Italian friends
with Marinus Augustijin and 2 sons Holland
with Mislav from Croatia
With Miss Jean and Australian friends
With Miss Tinna Dekker and her mum from US
With Miss Winsome Lorain Peter
With Mohanad Ali Harbi SaudiArabia
with Mr.Mohapatra from India
With Mr Fedar,Malida 3kids Indonesia
With Mrs and Mr Fenner from UK
with Mr.Omer and Azard
With Singapore group
With Rose and Mary
with Tom&Cathy from Canada
with Tomaz and Maja from Slovenia
With Victor and Mariya Portugal
With Douglas Hollis South Africa Captain
with Emmah Majid
with Ferry & Sharklin from Horland
with Hama&Hemen
with Iryna Baiguzina's Ukraine family
With John Scott UK
With kind frinds Jose Carlos and his wife from Finland
With Korean MrKen,Mum,Grandma
Happ with Miss Hansen1
Meghan Anna from USA
Miss Carol Loesberg from USA
Miss Claudia and Mr.Fairnado
Mr.John PleuneMr.Richard RWijingard from Holland
Mr.JVanDeVeerdonk MrsH.Hagenus from Holland
Mr.N.Sukumar from USA
Mr.NSmit& MrsGVanderPlas from Holland
Mr.Paul Concus and his family
Mr.Ramesh Mrs Meenaksh Mr.Siddharth+Miss Shivani from USA
With LeePing,Lee,Su,Luo from Malaysia
With Annette from Denmark
With Belind Jon Jenny + Jamie from UK
With Blecher Darryl Richard from USA
With Brazil Kut Michel Omier Kiler
With David's family from USA
With Jason Golush from US
With John and his wife from USA
With John+Dany+girls
With Miss Anette Gjervig Pedersen from Holland
With Miss Apolline Six Family from Switzerland
With Miss Ivy's Family from Singapore
With Miss Jenet Stahnke and Cathy from USA
With Miss Kseniia and her friends from Russia
With Miss Liezel Cilliers from South Africa
With Miss Malin kemi and her family from Sweden
With Miss Marianne Vesterbaek from Denmark
With Miss Mariette & her mum from Holland
With Miss Queen&Law&Ong from USA2
With Miss Sandra
With Miss Sharon and friends from USA
With Miss.Paulin and friends from Philippine
With Mr Enrique Ricardo artlett from Spain
With Mr Himanshu from India
With Mr Stahl from Germany
With Mr.Danald from USA
With Mr.Harder's family from USA
With Mr.Harder's Family from USA2
With Mr.John and Miss Cristina from USA
With Mr.Nicholas Peter Kendall from USA
With Mr.Raymond from USA
With Mr.Richard Beime From USA
With Mr.Richard from USA
With Mr.Sam,Frederick,Gary and Miss Sarah from USA
With Mr.Sam,Frederick,Gary and Miss Sarah from USA2
With Mr.Shahryar from US and MrKenneths-Korean
With Mr.Tim Veijers and Miss Esther Van Erve from Holland
With MrAli Fateme Hosin Zina from Iran
With MrChua MrsLim MissXiaoHui MrLiRen from Sigapore
With MrFrank's family from Germany
With Nancy and Sandra from Germany
With Tadmor+Sharon+3 daughters from Israel
With Tormod from Norway
With Ulrike from Germany
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