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This is Jack , an English-speaking tour guide in HangZhou.
we supply private tour in HangZhou for you: No matter you want half day private tour,one day private tour or 2 days private tour, 3 days private tour in HangZhou, even private tour in some other city or town, we are able to give you a suitable private tour.

Because of tour, we got more and more foreign friends, and come to know that some foreign friends also live in HangZhou, they are suffering from the communication with Chinese people, and language Chinese is so hard to learn.
So we develop business scope to supply service of "Car Rental", the English-speaking driver not only could drive your everywhere, but also would save the cost from translator.
Stable and professional service always get trust from honoured guest.

Since business start, we had done so many this kind of service, such as :UK imperial household,US ambassador, Japanese richest merchant and CEO of Yahoo.
Besides of the basic skill-"drive safely",We not only have experience, but also know how to supply high-level service.

In the year 2016,also we signed the "Car Service(Transportation) Contract" with Lear Corporation Limited Company, one of top 5 Automobile parts companies in the world".

Hangzhou,the capital of Zhejiang Province, is one of the most historic and prosperous city in China .
When famous tourist Marco Polo came to Hangzhou in the 13th century, he praised HangZhou to be “the most beautiful and elegant city in the world". Also here is a popular saying : "Above there is heaven, below there is Hangzhou." Hangzhou's "heavenly" beauty attracts numerous tourist to come each year, and enjoy the placid lake, beautiful garden, exquisite pool and ,legendary temples.

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Show In HangZhou:
Show Name:
Night of
West Lake
Tell you the story and folktale about HangZhou by 1 hour show
Show Name:
West Lake
Colorful Light conbined with melodious music,dancers show you an affecting love story.
Show Name:
Song Town
There is not only a show,but also a town which was built according old style..
Book Train Ticket:
During the tour or trip, we could help you to book the trian ticket.
Car Service:
We would like to :
Pick you up from Airport or Train Station or Bus Station.
Send you to Airport or Train Station or Bus Station.
Absolutely the price is lower than hotel price, and service level is higher than hotel, because Wife,Mobile Charger and English speaking drive are available for you .
It's hard to say we are most professional, but really we did serveice forUK imperial household,US ambassador and CEO of Yahoo.
Hope we also could get chance to work for you ...
HangZhou Local Food:
WestLake Vinegar Fish,DongPo Pork
Begger Chicken,Frying Bell
Shrimp with Tea ,Mrs.Song's Soup.
Not only they are delicious,but also there are some forklore in behind of those dish.
Well-Chosen One Day Tour In HangZhou

West Lake \ Scenery Tour

Not only 10 famouse scenic spots will tell you the story, but also the fresh air will please your heart when we take a boat .
It's a good choice to start happy tour, isn't it?

LeiFeng Pagoda\ Bird-Eye's View Tour

According to the love story about White Snake lady and Handsome Doctor , the "white lade was suppressed under this pagoda by cold-heart monk(FaHai).
Is this story true?
What's exactly inside of pagoda?
Let's go to visit it ...


LingYin Temple \ Religion Tour

Really immotal reclut here?
Flying Peak could fly ?
Why 470 shrines carved on hillside?
Who is the 1st Buddha,Sakyamuni ?
Let's go to discover it ...

Tea Plantation \ Tea Culture Tour

HangZhou is the tea capital of China.
China is the 1st country to find tea,
drink tea and plan tea.
So your are smart to get conclusion:
HangZhou is the Tea Capital in all of world .

Optional : Night Of West Lake\Entertainment

6 parts in the show:
1\Glory of general Yue;
2\The blossom of Southern Song Dynasty;
3\Chinese "Romeo and Juliet";
4\Buddhism Light in the East;
5\The pretty West Lake;
6\New Epoch of HangZhou .


2nd Day Tour in HangZhou

XiXi Wetland \ Wetland Tour

This is the unique wetland which inlude "Famer Wetland","City Wetland" and "Culture Wetland".
1000 years before, the emperor of Southen Song said:"Let's stay here forever"...

Six Harmonious Pagoda

Why the pagoda got this name?
Are there 13 floors or 7 floors?
Who is LuzhiShen?
Who is King Qian?
Let's go to reveal the mystery...

Silk Museum

Since Tang Dynasty(AD618-907),the Middle-East foreign merchant ride the camel, past through the desert,came China for silk.
Silk is also a kind of proteins which was spit out from silkworm


Optional show: Impression West Lake

The show is directed by internationally acclaimed filmmaker Zhang Yimou who directed the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2008 Olympics . This is a rare works at the peak of their creative talents.

3rd Day Tour In HangZhou

Hu XueYan's Former Fesidence

Who spent more than USD 150 million to build a house ? Who spent around USD 25 million only for woodwork and USD 5 million for rockwork? He did it .His name is Hu XueYan.
Even at beginning ,he was only a counterjumper...

HeFang Street(walking street)

characteristics snacks, antique painting, old and famous shops,
HeFang Street just like a boat which is loading the history and cultur ,show you what it was in the past China...

Porcelain Museum \ History Tour

Pretty view is only the surface of HangZhou, the most beautiful part of this city is her soul and history.
Let's go to Kiln Museum to find her unbeknown history from figuline.

Song Town\ History Tour

There is not only a show,but also a town which was built according old style...
The advertisement of this scenic sport is"Give me one day ,returen you thousand years".
Tour in Related Cities and Towns

WuZhen\ Wu Town\ Venice in China

One day tour:
6000 years history,the most famouse town in ZheJiang Province.
What's the typical life in religion of River?
Go with me ...

SuZhou \ Garden Tour

One day tour or 2 days tour:
4 famous gardens here.
Humble Administration Garden,
Lingering Garden,
Lion Grove Garden, and
Surging Wave Pavilion.


One day tour:
Maybe you had been this city so many times because of business, but do you really know this city?
Did you ascend to the top of tower?
Had you been the City God Temple?

To South-West of HangZhou

Mountain Huang Shan

After visit the 5 holy mountains,nobody want to see other mountains, but after return from Mountain HuangShan, nobody even want to glance at the 5 holy mountains.
Is really so special ?!,
Let's check it together...

HongCun(Hong Village)

Have you seen the Movie"Crouching Tigger and Hidden Dragon"?
the County Hongcun is the Filming Location.
Far away from the commerce, so this county is quiet and beautiful, it was called " the county in the Chinese Painting".

Thousand Islets

The Lake is the national key scenery well-know scenic spot , Islets Lake,17.8 billion M3 is its size,equal to 3184 times of west lake.
The average depth is 34 meters

ZhuGe Eight-Diagrams village

Zhuge Qing moved to Lanxi in the Song Dynasty, in 1018.
According to historical records, the integral arrangement of the village was designed by Zhuge Liang’s 27th generation grandson Zhuge Dashi on the basis of Eight-Diagrams Formation.

To South-East of HangZhou

ShaoXing City

This Town was the hometown of calligrapher WangXiZhi
and litterateur LuXun.
Who is WangXiZhi?
Who is LuXun?
Why are they famous?
Please go with me ....

Pu Tuo Mountain

It was named "Buddhism Country in the in the sea and sky"by Chinese.
It's the Buddhism place where people rite and perform for Bodhisattava GuanShiYin.
Who is Bodhisattava GhuanShiYin?

TripAdvisor Review
Car Service(English Speaking Driver)
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Leather feet pad,
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    We speak English,
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But also we could tell you some story about China.
With us, you will find the trip
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Mercedes-Benz 7 seats Van
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If you have a long trip,
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Mercedes-Benz 7 seats Van
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We operate this business seriously and carefully !!!
In order to pick you up on time and in time, hope get your information:
1\ Your full name please ;
      your full name will be printed on the "Sign Board",easy for you to recognize me .
2\ Mobile number please;
      By mobile we could find each other in case we miss each other at the train station or Airport .
3\ Your Flight Number or Train Number and your arrival date please;
      We will know exactly when you will arrive,and prepared ourselves well.
4\ Your country name please;
5\ How many person will join our trip or tour please.
      Then we will arrange right car and give you right quotation for you .

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