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HangZhou Local Food:
3rd Day Tour In HangZhou

Hu XueYan's Former Fesidence

Who spent more than USD 150 million to build a house ? Who spent around USD 25 million only for woodwork and USD 5 million for rockwork? He did it .His name is Hu XueYan.
Even at beginning ,he was only a counterjumper...

HeFang Street(walking street)

characteristics snacks, antique painting, old and famous shops,
HeFang Street just like a boat which is loading the history and cultur ,show you what it was in the past China...
Porcelain Museum \ History Tour

Pretty view is only the surface of HangZhou, the most beautiful part of this city is her soul and history.
Let's go to Kiln Museum to find her unbeknown history from figuline.
Song Town\ History Tour

There is not only a show,but also a town which was built according old style...
The advertisement of this scenic sport is"Give me one day ,returen you thousand years".
We operate this business seriously and carefully !!!
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HangZhou One Day
HangZhou 2nd Day
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HangZhou Scenic Spot
West Lake
LeiFeng Pagoda
LingYin Temple
Tea Plantation
XiXi Wetland
Six Harmonious Pagoda
Hu Xueyan's Former Residence
HeFang Street(walking street)
Tea Museum
Silk Museum
Porcelain Museum
Show:"Night Of West Lake"
Show:"Impression West Lake"
Song Town(show)

Other City Scenic Spot
Thousand Islets
HuangShan Mountain
PuTuo Mountain

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