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HangZhou Local Food:
WestLake Vinegar Fish,DongPo Pork
Begger Chicken,Frying Bell
Shrimp with Tea ,Mrs.Song's Soup.
Not only they are delicious,but also there are some forklore in behind of those dish.
SuZhou occupy an area 1650 KM2, household register population is 6.67 Million , floating population is 6.9 Million .
Totally there are 9 gardens:
Humble Administrator’s Garden, Lingering Garden, Fishing Net Master Garden, Lion Forest Garden, Surging Waves Pavilion and so on .
Since Tang Dyansty (618-907) to Qing Dynasty (1644~1912), around 1300 years, 60 students past the Imperial examination ,therein 55 students came to be civilian post, 5 students came to be military officer.
The derivation of SuZhou.
2800 years before, in the end of 商Dynasty. They emperor had 3 boys, eldest Child , Second-born, the youngest son, and the youngest son had a boy also. He is the favorite grandson of emperor, and the emperor believe this grandson will be able to develop the country, so he plan to demise the crown to the youngest son , then the youngest son demise the crown to his favorite grandson.
The eldest child and second-born got to know father’s idea, without challenge they went to desolate south area. Not only cut hair but also tattoo on body to show his brother that they will stay with aboriginal forever.
The advanced the agriculture technology and kind treatment from eldest prince got supported from local aboriginal , together they set up Kingdom, the eldest prince became the king. The name of kingdom is GouWu .
Because they develop fast, the original territory is too small, so they enlarge the territory , in the year BC561 move the capital to SuZhou.
In the year BC514, the king HeLv(阖闾)ask WuZiXu(伍子胥) to design the city as double chessboard,
(double chessbard means: Built house and street in front of river or stream, be parallel and close to river or stream,
Then all the building link together , like a chessboard, all the river and stream link together , also like another chessboard.)
In the year BC379, GouJian(勾践) conquer the Kingdom 吴,move his capital here,
In the year BC248 the general ChunShenJun(春申君) was appointed to be local manager. Today he is the city god who protect local people
Humble Administrator's Garden
occupy an area 56,000 M2, it was built in Ming Dynasty ( 1368~1644) by WangXianChen(王献臣) who was frustrated in officialdom,changed the original temple DaHong(大弘) to be a garden.
The garden name come from a poem(Leisure Life-闲居赋), implicate: he want a life which like poet's life.
The humble administrator’s garden was named “ the mum of Chinese garden” .
We will visit the east garden, middle garden and west garden .

Fishing Net Master Garden: it was built by ShiZhengZhi(史正志) who was born in SuZhou. 900 years before in Southern Song Dynasty, it’s the oldest garden in SuZhou.
Occupy an area 5,000M2, 1 of 4 famous garden in SuZhou .
When the Jurchen who was looked as North aboriginaattack Song Dynasty, he advocate to surrender for peace.
Then he was removed from government, He came back hometown here, hired workers to built this garden, create another nickname“Fishing Reclusion Garden”, intend to forget everything of past.
According to the host’s original idea,the emperor QianLong(乾隆) in Qing Dynasty changed the name to be Fishing net master garden .
It is the sample of “Ming Dynasty” which was from 1368~1644.
Also in the year 1980 , US capital museum copy a yard(殿春簃) from this garden to build a same garden in New York, come to be the US Ming Building , and name it The Peony Study.
7Li Mountain River Street :
locat in the north-west of SuZhou, east end is the “阊chang1门”,the west end is the Tiger Mound”, total distance is 3.6 KM.
In the year AD825, the famous poet came to SuZhou to be the governor.
In order to improve the traffic (situation) , he organized the workers to excavate this river.
Along the north side of river, also built a piece of street named Mountain and River Street.
The river and River street distance is 3.6KM which eaqual to 7 Li ( half km is 1 Li in the past of China)
So here also named 7 Li Mountain River Street.
The street is famous, even the emperor QianLong(乾隆)like here so much.
In the year 1762, when he visit here, he left his calligraph “Mountain River Look for fantastic showplace,untile now, the stele is intact.
Even he came back BeiJIng, he built a SuZhou Street in Summer Palace according to Mountain River Street .
In the south part show you the market in the past SuZhou, such as : silk shop, Chinese Traditional glutinous ricee dumpling shop, and wood carving shop.
In the north part show you the beautiful landscape.
Chill (Cold) Mountain Temple
located in the Maple bridge town, was built 1500 years before.
The temple occupy an area 16,000 M2, It’s a small temple , but it is very famous, why ? …
1\ the famous poet 张继 indited a famous poem, mentioned this temple .
2\ the canal made this poem and the reputation of temple to spread far way ,
3\ There was 2 famous monk “Harmonious saint” and “Combination Saint” were looked as happy god.

SuZhou Textile Mill
Include 3 pieces of 1st.
First NO.1: it was the first machinery works in SuZhou history .
Second NO.1: the 1st generator in China running in this factory.
Third NO.1 : the factory was set up by one student who past the imperial test in 1894.
LuRunYang(陆润庠) raise fund ,import the most advanced equipment from UK, spent 3 years on building, import 200 cocoon machines from Italia, recruit 800 workers.
In that period, he was very famous and popular .

Herein we are looking forward to your coming !
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