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Famous and Delicious Food In HangZhou
West Lake Vinegar Fish
The most famous local food in HangZhou, little bit acid and little bit sweet,you should NOT miss this cuisine,
and there is a loooong story for you :
1000 years befor,in HangZhou there a 2 brothers whose surname is Song,they were full of knowledge,but didn't want to be official,only make living by fishing, the elder brother married, his wife was beautiful and sold bean curd(tofu).One day a ganster ...

DongPo Pork
It's a piece of big steamed prok with sauce.
The story about this course for you:
Su DongPo not only was a famous poet, but also had been HangZhou mayor in the Northern Song Dynasty.
He found the water already dried out in the west lake, organized 200,000 workers to dredged the lake.
The labors were so tired day after day, in the Chinese Festival, Su DongPo wanted to reward people,but ......

Beggar's Spring(Baby) Chicken
A Spring(Baby) chicken is wraped in the lotus leave.
The story hereinafter for you :
A greedy baggar stole a spring chicken,even he was so hungary but hadn't kitchenware.After took the feather, he wraped the chicken by mud,and bake(or roast) it by fire,aroma spread everywhere. One local gentleman past by, and attracted,after got cooking method, he flavours chicken,added lotus leave between chicken and mud to keep chicken clean.
Sister Song's Fish Soup
After Southern Song Dynsty was established, the capital was changed to HangZhou from "KaiFengCity",HeNan Province.
Since the original capital was occupied by intruder,Jurchen, some pedlar had to move restaurant to HangZhou also, one lady named "Sister Song" was one of them.
Once the emperor,ZhaoGou,had boat tour in West Lake, sister Song offer found chance,offered her best fish soup to emperor with respect,also said ......

Deep frying "Bell"
After General YueFei was murdered by government, his loyal subordinate,Han ShiZhong quit from officialdom,live in HangZhou,everyday he would ride a dunkey to restaurant,enjoy the Bean Milk Skin.
Once he got up late, his favorest cuisine was sold out,no complain, he rided dunkey to FuYang county for best quality Bean Milk Skin. Half a day past, the restaurant boss heard ring of bell which tied around dunky neck...

Dragon Well Tea with Shrimp
In Qing Dynasty,emperor QianLong like HangZhou so much, he had been HangZhou 6 time in whole life, and always dress plain clothes in case to bother local people.
Once he just want to have a quick lunch in a simple restaurant. when he ordered a shrimp,the servant found his golden underwear,realized that is the emperor and told this case to chef,the chef got shock,in a daze put tea leaves as flavor to shimp.The emperor taste this "New" cuisine......
West Lake Water shield Soup
It's a kind of light soup,emperor QiangLong's favor,it's said he enjoyed this cuisine every meal.

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HangZhou Scenic Spot
West Lake
LeiFeng Pagoda
LingYin Temple
Tea Plantation
XiXi Wetland
Six Harmonious Pagoda
Hu Xueyan's Former Residence
HeFang Street(walking street)
Tea Museum
Silk Museum
Porcelain Museum
Show:"Night Of West Lake"
Show:"Impression West Lake"
Song Town(show)

Other City Scenic Spot
Thousand Islets
HuangShan Mountain
PuTuo Mountain

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