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Show In HangZhou:
Show Name:
Night of
West Lake
Tell you the story and folktale about HangZhou by 1 hour show
Show Name:
West Lake
Colorful Light conbined with melodious music,dancers show you an affecting love story.
Show Name:
Song Town
There is not only a show,but also a town which was built according old style..
West Lake in HangZhou
The famous West Lake is like a brilliant pearl embedded in the beautiful and fertile shores of the East China Sea near the mouth of the Hangzhou Bay. The lake covers an area of 6.39 KM2. The view of the West Lake is simply enchanting, which offers many attractions for tourists at home and abroad.
There are ten view spots around of West Lake:

Broken Bridge with Melting Snow
Why people name it "Broken Bridge" even nothing borken on the bridge.
There is a love story for you:
Long long ago,there was a white snake,trianed herself thoursands years,by magic power, she changed body to be a beautiful lady:
Another green snake trained herself hundred years,by magic power she changed body to be a girl.
One day they come to HangZhou and walk on this bridge......

Orioles Singing in the Willows
1000 years before,in the Southern Song Dynast it's the biggest imperial garden,
There are 50 different kinds of willows, include : Poplar Willow, Drunk Willow, Lion Willow, WanSha Willow, and so on.
At beginning , it’s forbidden for civilian to visit, now open for public, come to be a good place for leisure , morning exercise, and holiday activities .

Leifeng Pagoda Standing in the Sunset
It's made in WuYu State by emperor QianHongchu,
25th,September,1924, collapsed because of out of repair several years.
December, 2000, Chinese government rebuild it according to the original design, and spent 150Million RMB, equal to USD 25 Million. High is 71 M, 8 side, 7 floors, but 2 floors are hided.......

Evening Bell Chimed from NanPing Hill
At dusk, when the sun move slowly into the lake, a huge bell at the JingCi temple will ring its farewell to the last sunbeam of the day, reverberate sound with peaceful air offer you a perfect occasion for meditation.

Spring Dawn at Su Causeway
It’s a leisure trip of foot bridge around 3.3km.
Along the causeway ,there are the Peach and weeping willow, sparkle in the dew in the spring morning,
Birds chirping cheerfully among the branch of willow,
The scent of peach blossom is wafted by air,
You will wonderring whether you were in the paradise.
Three Pools Mirroring the Moon
In the lake,there are 3 small pagodas which were built in Song Dynasty(1089) by SuDongPo, 5 openings in each one.
Actually these 3 pagodas are one kind of measuring tool which is use to measure the silt when Mr.Su finish dredging the lake.
Someone said you will find 33 moons in the full moon .
I can find 32moons, could you tell me where is the 33rd ?
Viewing Fish at Flowers Harbor
Flower Pond park occupy an area of 210KM2 on a peninsula, southwest to west lake, in the heart of park there is a fish pond where the colorful fish dancing with brisk melody of chirpy birdsong.
You could have a rest and enjoy this lifeful nature.
Swaying Lotus at QuYuan Garden
This scene of west lake earned its fame since Song Dynasty when it was known as a brewery. In those day ,also there is full of lotus at lakeside.
The smell of lotus and wine blend together, wafted by breeze of lake, will you intoxicating.
Even without bloom, the lotus stand there gracefully, just like they know you will come and enjoy their beauty.
Swaying Lotus at QuYuan Garden
At the west end of Bai Causeway, there is a stele, The calligraphy of Emperor KangXi was engraved, it said:”Calm Lake Autumn Moon”.
This is the best place to enjoy the moon and the scenery which is in the moonlight. It seems the moon is more bright , the hill is more purplish.
Twin Peaks Piercing the Clouds
Look far into distance from west lake to west, you will find 2 peaks faintly in the cloud and mist .
One peak named “North Peak”(313.7m),
another one named “South Peak”(257m)
In fact, 10 views of west lake are only a part scenery of all, there is beautiful scenery everywhere, maybe you could spend one day , come there with your family to enjoy the leisure time and nature

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