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ShangHai \ International Modern City Tour
There are so many fatastic place to visit :
1\ Oriental Pearl Television Tower(东方明珠电视台)
2\ The bund (外滩)
3\ City God Temple (城隍庙)
4\ Yu Garden (豫园)
5\ New World (新世界)
6\ Xin Tian Di (新天地)

Oriental Pearl Television Tower\ Bird's-Eye View Tour
Located in Lujiazui Finance & Trade Zone,High is of 468 meters.
While mainly functioning as a telecommunication tower, it also contains exhibition facilities, a revolving restaurant, observatory deck and shops.

The bund
Take a relaxing walk on the walking corridor along the Bund. Or you can drive along the Huangpu river bank and stop by the end of the Bund near the Russian Consulate where you can overlook the Oriental Pearl TV Tower on the opposite bank. this is the best spot for you to take plenty of beautiful photos of Shanghai.

City God Temple
This is one of the most remarkable landmarks in Shanghai. You must go there to taste the authentic[真正的], world-famous Shanghai Nanxiang Juicy Bun. There are also plenty of traditional Chinese restaurants and souvenir[纪念品] shops, alongside Starbucks.


Yu Garden
he garden name means “Pleasing one’s parents”.
It was a private garden in the southeast of Shanghai, with a history of more than 400 years. The Garden features more than 30 halls and pavilions such as Spring Hall, Chamber for Gathering the Rain and Pavilion for Viewing Frolicking Fish. They look out on pools filled with multicolored carp and lotus, artificial but climbable mountains, a Grand Rockery, dragon-shaped walls and winding corridors.

New World \Entertainment Tour
The famous shopping center in Nanjing Road.
01st floor, there are burger king, KFC, pizza hut,ice cream.
05th floor, there is west mention steak
10th floor, there is madame tussauds museum.
11th floor, there is shanghai song city.
12th floor, there is huawei cinema.
Xin Tian Di \ Entertainment Tour
Enjoy a cup of afternoon tea at Shanghai Xin Tian Di.
A at Puxi. It is a fashionable pedestrian street composed of Shikumen and modern architecture. It retains the antiquewalls, tiles,
and exterior of the Shikumen housing of old Shanghai. However, its interior embodie a totally different world of international galleries, bars and cafes, boutiques and theme restaurants.

French Concession
There are some former residence:

1\ Miss Soong Ching Ling's Former Residence;
2\ Mr.Budeon's Former Residence
3\ Normandy Apartments: was built in the year 1024 by International Savings Society.

HangZhou Itinerary
HangZhou One Day
HangZhou 2nd Day
HangZhou 3rd Day

HangZhou Scenic Spot
West Lake
LeiFeng Pagoda
LingYin Temple
Tea Plantation
XiXi Wetland
Six Harmonious Pagoda
Hu Xueyan's Former Residence
HeFang Street(walking street)
Tea Museum
Silk Museum
Porcelain Museum
Show:"Night Of West Lake"
Show:"Impression West Lake"
Song Town(show)

Other City Scenic Spot
Thousand Islets
HuangShan Mountain
PuTuo Mountain

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