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PuTuo Mountain
PuTuo Mountain(HuangShan) \ Buddhisam Religion Tour
PuTuo Mountain is the Buddhasim rites of GuanShiYin Budhisattva.
Actually it is a small island, occupy an area 12.5 KM2.
Also it was named “The Buddisam Country in the Sea” and “Saint Place in the South Sea”.

Budhisattva Guan ShiYin
According to Chinese calendar, the day 19th,Feb. is the birthday of Budhisattva GuanShiYin. 19th,Jan. is the enlightenment day of Budhisattva, 19th, the time that Budhisattva became a nun.
So many people will come here to pray to here on those days.

Purple Bamboo Forest
Purple Banboo Forest is the living place of Budhisattva Guan ShiYin.
There is a temple named “Hearing Tidal Wave Temple”, was built in Ming Dynasty (AD 1368-1644)
In the year 1919, the famouse gentleman, Kang YouWei, wrote a stele “ Purple Bamboo Forest Temple”,in the temple there is a Purple Bamboo Budhisattva.
The stele “Stop fire finger ”
In the past of China , people were superstious, they fired the finger by themselves, look the fired finger as candle to show they were devotional, and hope the Bodhisattva will bless them to go to paradise. One officer think that was wrong, and order staff built this stele, stopped people to do this .

Don't Want Leave Temple
In the Tang dynasty, Japaness monk, HuiE want transport a statue of GuanShiYin Bodhisattva to Japan.When he past by a lotus area which around PuTuo Mountain, he was stopped by tidal wave,he believed that the Budhisattva did not want to leave, he land here,built a temple named it“Don't Want Leave Temple”. Later different emperor built 3 big temple and 88 female temple, totally there were 4000 monks and nuns.

Tidal Roar Cave
These 3 words was given by emperor KangXi, It is said: “ people saw Budhisattva Guan ShiYin here”.
The bottom of cave connected with sea, there are 2 gaps,we name it “sky window”, when the tide return, we will hear deafening roar.
In the sunny day , also we could find rainbow.
Also people name here “ Ancient Cave Tide Roar”.

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