We could supply different model of car, such as : Passat(Volkswagen) , Audi A6, GL8 (Buick Van) Mercedese-Benz and so on. Herein just introduce our car and special high-level service by Buick 7 seats business van and Benz 7 seats business van as a sample, if you want new car for long term rental, we have no problem to satisfy your requirement ! Thank you !
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+86 139 0650 8922
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LeiFeng Pagoda
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Hu Xueyan's Former Residence
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Buick Seats Business Vam
Benz Seats Business Vam
HangZhou Local Food:
WestLake Vinegar Fish,DongPo Pork
Begger Chicken,Frying Bell
Shrimp with Tea ,Mrs.Song's Soup.
Not only they are delicious,but also there are some forklore in behind of those dish.
Buick 7 Seats Van
Buick brand, American car,stronger than Japanese cars and Korean cars,even cost more petrol because of the heavy weight,but your safety is more important than anything else ! Buick 7 seats van is
Higher and longer than normal cars,
supply more space for you and your family.
Enough Space in the 2nd rows of seat. Enough Space in the 3rd rows of seat.  
The well-designed "leather seat cover" relax your body,
make you have a comfortable trip !
Candy, bottle water, gum and tissue are free for you,
oh ! it's so convenient ,isn't it ?
Wifi and Mobile Charger are available in the car,
you could keep touch with customers
and never miss the business opportunity !
2 GPS ( Car GPS and Mobile GPS) will be used to guarantee finding the destination precisely ,
choose the fastest way and save your time !
We use to dress business suit !Not only show our regards to you,but also show the interviewee that you are High-level gentleman. Your satisfied smile and thumb is our best encouragement !

We operate this business seriously and carefully !!!
In order to pick you up on time and in time, hope get your information:
1\ Your full name please ;
      your full name will be printed on the "Sign Board",easy for you to recognize me .
2\ Mobile number please;
      By mobile we could find each other in case we miss each other at the train station or Airport .
3\ Your Flight Number or Train Number and your arrival date please;
      We will know exactly when you will arrive,and prepared ourselves well.
4\ Your country name please;
5\ How many person will join our trip or tour please.
      Then we will arrange right car and give you right quotation for you .

Thank you sooooo much for your information and cooperation!

Herein we are looking forward to your coming !
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