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Pick you up from Airport or Train Station or Bus Station.
Send you to Airport or Train Station or Bus Station.
Absolutely the price is lower than hotel price, and service level is higher than hotel, because Wife,Mobile Charger and English speaking drive are available for you .
It's hard to say we are most professional, but really we did serveice forUK imperial household,US ambassador and CEO of Yahoo.
Hope we also could get chance to work for you ...
HangZhou Local Food:
WestLake Vinegar Fish,DongPo Pork
Begger Chicken,Frying Bell
Shrimp with Tea ,Mrs.Song's Soup.
Not only they are delicious,but also there are some forklore in behind of those dish.
Song Town In HangZhou
Song Town \ Time Travel Tour
There are Song Dynasty Style market ,street,weird street, Buddha mountain, City gate square, Culture Square, ghost trip scare you, Every step you will see one different scenery . Old shape sedan chair forth and back ,bring the past time of Song Dynasty. “Place yourself here ,just like going back past time. "Give me one day ,return one thousand years to you.”is the advertisement words here .
After look around ,let's go to enjoy an atractive show.

Song Town Song Dynasty Style Street
Not only the acrobat and staff ,but also sales and staff will dress Song Dynasty Style suit, someone is playing flying knives, someone is acting mammon, look there, a beautiful girl is throwing an embroidered ball to find lucky bridgroom.
If really you got the ball, what will happen? will you marry with her......

Song Town Weird Photo House
Take some photo here, show your friends,they will find you have magic power:
you can stand on the ceiling, you can put your head into bowl and no one find your body,and ......
I am not joking, check it by yourself.
Song Town Ghost Room \ Brave trip
We will pass dead house, demon room, evil place, ghost rive and hell.
Even we are hand in hand ,closed to each other, still feel sooooo scared.
I am familiar the road inside, but really really I don't want to get in!!!
Thank you sooooo much that you also don't want go there!

Song Town Show
The NO.1 show in HangZhou,5 sections in it:
Section 1: Light from LiangZhu Tribe
Section 2: Dance in Song Dynasty Palace
Section 3: Shining Spears and Armoured Houses
Section 4: Legend and Story
Section 5: Charming HangZhou
Untile now,nobody regret to enjoy this show truly !!!

Show Section 1: light from LiangZhu Tribe
4500 years before there wasn't any dynasty but tribe only.
Tribe LiangZhu had already thrived in this region.
They ate animal flesh raw and drink blood,
the life is happy and harmonious......
Show Section 2: Dance in Song Palace
After Southern Song Dynasty was established,
Hangzhou became the capital of whole China in that period.
People live and work in peace.
In the history we name it "Flourishing Age in Souther Song Dynasty", and name HangZhou " the paradise in the world".
Middle-East friends and Korean friends came to the capital,dance in the palace......
Show Section 3: Shining Spears and Armoured Horses
In the year AD1025,Jurchen invaded Song Dynasty, they burned, killed and looted wherever they went.
YueFei was brave, good at fighting , and keep studding tactics,his troop was always won, regained territory from the enemy,and he came to be a general through countless battles.
At last in fact he was murdered by his own government ,
Show Section 4: Legend and Story
In the history there were many love stories, the most famous one is "Liang ShangBo(Boy) & Zhu YingTai(Girl) Love Story", we name it "Chinese Romeo and Juliet".
A White snake change body to be a lady ,met a handsome boy on a bridge,fall in love with him and married him,did they have happy life at last?
Oh......HangZhou is a romantic city, isn't it ?
Show Section 5: Charming HangZhou
Taste a cup of HangZhou Dragon Well Green Tea,
Viewing the Pretty girl with smooth silk finery ,
Listen elegant tweedle around ear,
Enjoy the beautiful scenery,
we are attracted ,wandering and lingering here, even the show already finished......

HangZhou Itinerary
HangZhou One Day
HangZhou 2nd Day
HangZhou 3rd Day

HangZhou Scenic Spot
West Lake
LeiFeng Pagoda
LingYin Temple
Tea Plantation
XiXi Wetland
Six Harmonious Pagoda
Hu Xueyan's Former Residence
HeFang Street(walking street)
Tea Museum
Silk Museum
Porcelain Museum
Show:"Night Of West Lake"
Show:"Impression West Lake"
Song Town(show)

Other City Scenic Spot
Thousand Islets
HuangShan Mountain
PuTuo Mountain

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