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WestLake Vinegar Fish,DongPo Pork
Begger Chicken,Frying Bell
Shrimp with Tea ,Mrs.Song's Soup.
Not only they are delicious,but also there are some forklore in behind of those dish.
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It's hard to say we are most professional, but really we did serveice forUK imperial household,US ambassador and CEO of Yahoo.
Six Harmonious Pagoda In HangZhou
Six Harmonious Pagoda
It was built by King Qian in AD 970 on the Mountain YueLun,stands by the QianTang River. High is 59.89M, 13 floors, thereinto 7 floors are hollow, but 6 stories are solid.
Here not only we could enjoy the view of QianTang River from the pagoda,But also I will tell you :
1\the meaning of 6 harmony according to the sutra,
2\Kid,Six harmonious monk, 3\ King Qian shot the tidal wave, 4\Monk LuZhiShen,   5\ Monk WuSong.

1) The True Meaing of "Six Harmonious"
1-1) Mind Harmonious,happy together;
1-2) Idea Harmonious,understand together;
1-3) Speach Harmonious, no quarrel;
1-4) Body Harmonious,go together;
1-5) Discipline Harmonious, train together;
1-6) Benefit Harmonious,share together.

2) The Kid Who named Six Harmonious
His parents were took away by the tidal wave,
The boy throw the stone into the river, in order to fill the river by stone and save his parents,the stones were carried to the dragon king palace which was in the sea. In case the stone would bury the palace, the dragon king negotiated with the boy, and had to promised 3 items:
1\ bring back the parents of the boy
2\ make the tidal wave periodically
3\ reduce the power of tidal wave.
In order to commemorate the boy六和,people built the pagoda.

3) King Qian shot the tidal wave
In the past, the tidal wave was so destructive that the local people suffered a lot,farmland was washed away, farm animals were washed away, even the farmers and fishermen were washed away.People didn’t know the scientific reason, and just believe the wave was brought by some evil spirit.
Therefore King Qian of WuYue Kingdom organized 10 thousand bowman to shot the tidal wave when tidal was highest...

4) Monk LuZhiShen
“story on the Marsh” is one of 4 China classical novels.
After won the battle with FangLa,the leader of ganster goup,they went back to emperor's palace to get the rewards.
as the foregoers,these 2 heroes past by the temple which was beside the pagoda, and spent 1 night here. During the middle night, he heard the roaring of enemies was closer and closer to the temple,he picked up weapon and rushed out to fight.His friend, named WuSong,told him that was only the sound of tidal wave.Suddenly LuZhiShenremember his master’s words:”the moment when you hear the wave roaring is your ending time.”Then he bathed himself, dressed the clean garment, sat in the quiet room, really he passed away in the next morning.

5) Monk WuSong
Before he joined the rebels, he killed a tiger with his bare fist when he was drunk.
Because the tiger was harmful, end several human lives, so 武松was welcomed as a hero by local people.
He lost his left arm during the fight with the army of FangLa,after his friend LuZhiShen died, he refused to go to the capital with other heroes, just stay in the temple, became a monk. He got a peaceful death at the age of 80.
6) Monk ZhiTan
He was the chief of KaiHua temple which located beside the pagoda in the southern Song dynasty(AD1127-1279).
As you know the pagoda was built in 970 at beginning,
when he was the chief of temple during 1127-1279, more than 150 years past.Because of the war, the pagoda was broken.
he beg for alm everywhere, started to rebuild the pagoda since 1153. Until 1163 the building was finished.
In order to commemorate him ,people built a statue according to his appearance.
This copper statue is not original one , and it was built in May, 1995 by our government.

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