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Night of
West Lake
Tell you the story and folktale about HangZhou by 1 hour show
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West Lake
Colorful Light conbined with melodious music,dancers show you an affecting love story.
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Song Town
There is not only a show,but also a town which was built according old style..
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LeiFeng Pagoda In HangZhou
Lei Feng Pagoda \ have Bird's-eye view of whole lake
It's one of 10 famous scenic spots around west lake.
Locat at the south bank of west lake.
High is 71 M, 8 side, 7 floors, thereinto 2 floors were built underground.


Legend of Lei Feng Pagoda (Encounter)
Long long ago,there was a white snake,trianed herself thoursands years,by magic power, she changed body to be a beautiful lady:
Another green snake trained herself hundred years,by magic power she changed body to be a girl.
One day they come to HangZhou and walk on this bridge,met a handsome young scholar on a bridge,they fall in love, married and had a baby,together enjoy the happy life.

Legend of Lei Feng Pagoda ( Separation )
According to the rule of god, it's forbidden to marry between monster(snake) and human being, so a monk,named "FaHai" spent long time, tried many way by magic,even fight with 2 sisters to separate the young couple.
At last he won, he took out a pagoda from sleeve,suppress the white lady, said:"untill the pagoda collapse and water of west lake dry out, the white lady could be saved."
True derivation of Lei Feng Pagoda
It was built in WuYue Kingdom (AD975) by the King Qian HongChu for celebration, because his concubine, Miss Huang brought a baby for him when he was 50 years old.
At beginning it was named " Concubine Huang's Pagoda".
Later people name it "Imperial Concubine Pagoda".
At last people name it "LeiFeng Pagoda" because it was built on "Lei Peak" of "XiZhao Mountain". ("Feng" means "Peak")


Original Base of Lei Feng Pagoda
In Ming Dynasty, (AD1480) ,Japanese pirates fired the pagoda because they supposed the Chinese soldiers were hidding inside.
After fire, The pagoda still stood there,looked like an elderly monk.
Today we could find the original base on the 1st floor.

Sutra Brick
The bricks were exposed after fire, people found there is a hole in each brick, and a silk roll of sutra was stored in the hole.
People believed that the brick with the sutra would ward off all the evil,make family to be peaceful and prosperous,so some people steal the bricks.
On 25th,Septermber,1924, the old pagoda collepsed.
New Lei Feng Pagoda
In the year 2000, start to rebuild it ;
In the year 2002, the new Lei Feng Pagoda finished.
totally cost RMB 150 Million.
Copper Expert, Zhu BinRen spend 280 ton copper on pagoda.
The roof, the tiles, the pillars and the handrails are made of copper.
People said,this pagoda will never collapsed.
Buddha (Sakyamuni) Relics-Hair
There is Buddha Relics Hall beside of LeiFeng Pagoda.
We will find Buddha(Sakyamuni) hair there.
Sakya is the tribe name, means "Able" and "Brave";
Muni is the honorific name of sytlite,means "Gentle" and "Quiet" .
His true name is Gotama Siddhartha.
Gotama is clan name and his surname, means pure and kind.
Siddhartha is his name, means "wealth and happy".

He create Buddhism,the 1st religion in the world ?
What happen to him? Why did he creat the Buddhism?
I will tell you step by step......

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