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ShaoXing \ Personage Tour
ShaoXing is a big museum without wall,native name is Venis in the East.Occupy an area 8256 KM2,population is 4.33 million.Include 6 cities which around ShaoXing City: ShaoXing,ZhuJi,ShangYu,ShengZhou,XinChang,YueCheng District.
There are some historic scenic spot, such as :
Mr.LuXun's former residence, Mr.Shen's Garden, Orchic Pavilion.
City flower is Orchid. The city tree is camphor tree.

Derivation of ShaoXing
ShaoXing another name is Ancient Yue. It’s the capital of Kingdom Yue in ChunQiu Period ( BC7670-BC221). In the Qing dynasty it was named KuaiJi County, in Sui dynasty, it was named Yue State. In the year AD 1027, the 1st emperor,ZhaoGou established Southern Song Dynasty,name the year”ShaoXing 1st year ”, change the city name to be ShaoXing, means revitalization. The captial of this dynasty is HangZhou, ShaoXing is the satellite capital. .

Mr.LuXun's former Residence \ Litterateur's Residence
LuXun was born at a dilapidate scholar family on 25th,September, 1881.Pen name is Lu Xun, Original name is Zhou ShuRen.
7 years old he was enlighten, 12years old , he started to study at SanWei Study, 13 years old , his father went to Jail because of Charge of bribe at imperial examination. after his father came back , could not recover the setback.the family fall down , he was dispised by others, so when he was 18 years old, he decide to go special way for special life.Firstly NanJing, then Japan.
1909 he came back when he was 28 years old.
Successsively work as teaching staff, and indite article, 19th, October, 1936 he was die at ShangHai, when he was 56 years old.
Mr.Shen's Garden
Occupy an area 48,000M2, it’s a personal villa, because the origianl owner’s surname is Shen, so we name here Shen Garden.
Inside there are 3 parts: Historic Site, East Garden and South Garden.
“Poem Atmosphere Yard” in the Historic Site, was built for remembrance of famous poet “LuYou”.
When the poet was young, he fall in love with a beautiful and gifted scholar, named TangWan......

DaYu's Temple
In the history of China, there were 17 dynasties: Xia,Shang,Zhou,Qian,Han,3 Kingdoms, 2Jins,Southern and Easthen Dynasty, Sui,Tang,WuDai, Song, Liao, Jin, Yuan, Ming, Qing Dynasty.
Befor Dynasty, there was a tribe, the lead's name is Yue, He not only treated people well, but also were good at managering the flood water,during work, 3 times past by his home, but he didn't enter......

Orchid Pavilion Garden
In Han Dynasty(BC 202- AD 220), The King of Yue Kingom,GouJian planed a lot orchid here, later people built a post house,and name he Orchid Pavilion.
In East Jin dynasty (AD 317-420) ,ecxatly in the March, AD 325, the famous calligraphor,Wang XiZhi, came here with his friends,41 famous persons.
They drunk decious distilled spirit and indite poem, therein 37 poems were indited by 26 poet. The litterateur,Wang XiZhi made bookbinding of them and wrote the preface.
The preface is NO.1 handwriting in China, “Ochid Pavilion Preface”.
HangZhou Itinerary
HangZhou One Day
HangZhou 2nd Day
HangZhou 3rd Day

HangZhou Scenic Spot
West Lake
LeiFeng Pagoda
LingYin Temple
Tea Plantation
XiXi Wetland
Six Harmonious Pagoda
Hu Xueyan's Former Residence
HeFang Street(walking street)
Tea Museum
Silk Museum
Porcelain Museum
Show:"Night Of West Lake"
Show:"Impression West Lake"
Song Town(show)

Other City Scenic Spot
Thousand Islets
HuangShan Mountain
PuTuo Mountain

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