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LingYin Temple \ Religion Tour
LingYin Temple \ Religion Tour
Immotal Reclusion Temple
The Lingyin Monastery, or the intelligential eagle Temple, is a famous historical site of Hangzhou. Here is a famous ancient temple in China, in front of temple there are Feilai Peak, Cold Spring, Longhong Cave , precious rock cave arts , queer and varied caves ,and gullies.

Derivation of LingYin Temple
1700 years before, one Indian monk “HuiLi” came to China, he traveled so many city,town and village, and wanted to build a temple as base to spread the Buddhism,at last(exatly in the year AD326) he arrived at Hangzhou, he saw the beautiful scenery everywhere here and very quiet,, so believe “There must be reclusive supernatural live here ,then built a temple ,name “Ling Yin Temple",means “supernatural being reclusion Temple”.
Why people also name it "Super Eagle Temple"???
I will tell you another Chinese Legend ...

Flying Peak (or "Flying Mountain")
About FeiLai Peak(the peak fly to here),there is a legend:
At beginning ,there was NOT any peak in front of the temple ,there was a village where live so many people.
The monk ,JiGong live in the LinYin Temple which was near to the village at that time.
Even he is flakey(off-the-wall), and often play tricks on others ,but he is the guy who always help others by magic .
One day, JiGong foresee: a mountain will fly to here, and cover all village. That means all villager would be crushed to death .
So he told everyone this information ,nobody believe him, people just thought he was speaking raving without sense. The mountain would arrive soon ,but JiGong have NOT any way to make people to realize what will happen .Suddenly a wedding procession coming ,JiGong took the bride on his back and run .Someone were angry ,someone want to watch the fun ,just follow him until the edge of village , and all of them heard rumbling just like a thunder .look back ,a mountain already covered all village .The people come know that JiGong save all their lifes.

On the hillside 470 shrines were carved,
why people carve so many shrine???
Could you get the answer ?
Fearless Hall in temple
is the biggest hall in the temple, Sakyamuni sit in side.
Sakya is the tribe name, means "Able" and "Brave";
Muni is the honorific name of sytlite,means "Gentle" and "Quiet" .
His true name is Gotama Siddhartha.
Gotama is clan name and his surname, means pure and kind.
Siddhartha is his name, means "wealth and happy".

What happend to him?
When did he create Buddhism,the 1st religion in the world ?
Who is Buddha, Who is Budhisattva, Who is Arhat?
Go with me to discover it ...

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